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Metamorphosis ~ Become Who You Are Meant to Be!

I developed this page to inspire you by providing you with a place to share your thoughts of inspiration with your fellow travelers!

 Let’s take a road trip together!

The journey to becoming who you are meant to be can at times be a lonely one. At other times an amazing journey filled with the treasures of new acquaintances and experiences. Check in with this page for inspiration and support so that you don’t feel so alone on your journey.

If you have an image, quote or an original piece that you believe has inspired you on your journey submit them to me via email… and I will include them on this page.

It’s more fun to travel down the road together!

Submissions from friends of Metamorphosis ~ Become Who You Are Meant to Be!

Use this lovely singing bowl piece to accompany your morning meditation….Deborah Pautler/composer

metamorphosis 5

“the road is long, but the journey is short. your time is now, breathe and believe.” Metamorphosis


“be yourself despite the current trends.” Metamorphosis

“I did this Forgiveness mediation the other day, and I thought it was a good TOOL…since I feel Forgiveness is a big part of healing…for self/others” …Thank you N.D.!