The Process



We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.”
― Lee Ann Taylor

As a client of Metamorphosis ~ Become Who You Are Meant to Be!, we will work together to develop your tools of transformative self-leadership by creating a plan that is unique to you and holds your intention to uncover your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, and explore your hidden gifts. Each of these steps are important as you integrate all of your life experiences in order to increase the skills and tools you need to move toward your goals and emerge as a transformed Self.

At first you may encounter resistance, fear, and insecurity. You will not be alone. Together, in private counseling sessions, we will acknowledge each emotional block as it reveals itself and work together to name it, honor it and integrate it with the whole you, as you begin to move toward your metamorphosis.

As you advance through your unique action plan, you will begin to feel in control of your own destiny once again or maybe for the first time!

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